It's no secret that around here we love to talk about our favorite supplements and foods. We’re also big fans of using natural health products as opposed to prescription drugs whenever possible. There are many reasons why we prefer natural remedies over pharmaceuticals—they're just more cost-effective in the long run, they're often safer than their synthetic counterparts, and most importantly, when taken regularly (even before cold and flu seasons kick in) they just work! While there are many different types of supplements out there (and even more opinions on which ones are best), one thing is certain: they all have one thing in common: they contain vitamins and minerals that support your body's natural defense system against invaders like viruses and bacteria. In this article, we'll discuss some recommendations for boosting your immunity naturally during cold & flu season—without side effects!

Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin C and Zinc: By this point, you’ve probably heard it 10,000 times, need these two nutrients for optimal health, especially during cold and flu season. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps support your immune system in a number of ways. It's also important for wound healing, healthy skin and hair, and preventing dry eyes. Foods high in Vitamin C include citrus fruits (such as oranges), dark green leafy vegetables (like spinach), bell peppers, and tomatoes. If you don't eat enough foods with Vitamin C naturally or opt for the low-fat versions of these foods, consider taking a supplement, like Plantfully Systems Everyday Wellness, that contains at least 100 mg per serving.

Zinc is an essential mineral that plays a role in many aspects of health. Zing helps support your immune system, fight off infections, and boost wound healing, including that dry, cracked skin on your hands and around your nose (which is the worst!). Plus, this awesome mineral promotes healthy skin. Though you can get zinc from animal proteins, some of the most abundant sources of zinc come from plants, like legumes, nuts, seeds, and oats.

If you find yourself feeling run down or battling an illness this winter, consider taking these supplements to boost your immunity.

Elderberry and Ginger

If you're looking for a natural alternative to cold medicines that will help boost your immune system, consider elderberry and ginger. Elderberries are known to have antioxidative properties that can help fight off viruses, while ginger has been shown in studies to relieve symptoms like nausea and pain.

There are several types of elderberry supplements available on the market today: capsules, teas, syrups, and more. You can also incorporate this herb into your diet by adding it to smoothies or cooking with it in soups and stews. Ginger comes in the form of tablets or capsules as well as tea bags for brewing at home!

Or…just grab a bottle of Everyday Wellness, which incorporates both elderberries and ginger, with vitamin C and zinc.

Natural mushroom extracts

If you haven’t tried mushrooms, now is the time. Mushrooms have long been used as a natural remedy for boosting immunity and helping your body prevent colds and flu. They are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that can improve your health on all levels—from supporting your immune system to decreasing inflammation to helping prevent cancer.

Mushrooms are also a good source of B vitamins (niacin), selenium, zinc, and other minerals that have been shown to help boost the body's ability to fight off infections (Hibbett 2007). Consider adding mushrooms like Reishi mushroom extract or Cordyceps into your daily routine if you want to increase your levels of these nutrients naturally! These two types of mushrooms contain polysaccharides called beta-1D-glucans which act as immune boosters by increasing macrophages in the body (Chen 2008). This means they can fight germs before they start causing problems!

You can find both of these mushrooms, plus five others in our super mushroom blend, called Fire.

Creating a strong immune system can be cultivated by eating well, exercising, sleeping, and taking the best natural supplements.

We all know that the best way to keep your immune system strong is by eating well, exercising, and sleeping. But what if you're not in the mood to do any of those? The good news is that you can also boost your immunity by taking natural supplements (which are totally not a euphemism for drugs).

Here's a list of the best ones out there:

  • Vitamin C and Zinc: Vitamin C is known as an anti-inflammatory nutrient that helps fight off colds. Zinc boosts immunity by helping white blood cells fight off invaders better than they normally would.
  • Elderberry Extract: This herb has been used since ancient times to treat respiratory infections like the flu or pneumonia because it seems to work against viruses like herpes simplex virus (HSV) and influenza A viruses (the H1N1 strain). It may also help fight off bacterial infections such as strep throat or bronchitis by reducing inflammation in the lungs. It does this through its high content of anthocyanins—powerful antioxidants found only in elderberries!

We all know how it feels when you get sick, but we can’t help but wish that we could be well again. If you want to avoid feeling like this as much as possible, then follow our tips and take some supplements! The best way to boost your immune system is by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, getting plenty of sleep each night (even if only for an hour), and taking the right supplements. These natural remedies will help keep your body strong so that it doesn’t have any weak points where infections can sneak in.

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